Torresmo Crocante/ How To Cook Brazilian Pork Scratchings

Torresmo Crocante/ How To Cook Brazilian Pork Scratchings


Torresmo Crocante/Brazilian Pork Scratchings

Torresmo is a snack eaten just about everywhere in Brazil especially with a beer or capirinha.

Makes a large bowl/tray


1.5 kg of pork belly

½ tablespoon of salt

250ml of vegetable oil for cooking

First of all, cut the pork belly into cubes of about 2x2 cm thick slices, or whatever size you please. In a large sized pan pour in the cooking oil and the pork belly and heat to very hot. Add the salt and stir. Fry on a high heat for between 25-30 minutes or until the pork is a light brown color and crispy. You will need to be stirring all the time so the pork doesn’t stick to the pan and to ensure that all the pork is cooked equally. Take the pork out of the oil and place onto a clean tray. Keep the pan of oil hot as you will be using it again.

Spray the pork with water – use a water sprayer or splash some water over the top with your fingers. The water will help the pork scratchings to pop. Now return the pork – in batches back into the hot oil for about 3 minutes – and be careful because the addition of some water on the pork will make the oil spit. Keep stirring as before until the pork scratchings are a golden brown color, crispy and very crunchy. Place on a tray with kitchen towel to absorb the excess fat and serve with wedges of lime.

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